Giving feels good, because it brings us closer to others and ourselves. 

Dana, a Buddhist term for generosity, helps us to feel the truth of our connection with the people, creatures and physical world around us. Giving is a direct expression of that connection.

Whether you offer time, money, skills or initiative, we’re here to help connect you to your local community.

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Will you give something today?

A small donation of £10 a month helps us run sessions to bring isolated elderly people into connection. A one-off gift of £25 provides equipment to ease a neighbour’s chronic pain, as they learn to live well with illness. Donate to bring more kindness into your community, because everybody’s wellbeing matters.


We use Go Cardless to help us process regular gifts, and Wonderful for one-off donations. Click to give your details.

To talk to us about leaving a legacy to your local area via GCP, please get in touch

Women’s drama workshop


Share your time, energy and skills while getting to know your local community. From calling elderly people to remind them about upcoming sessions, to helping vulnerable people with travel, to helping us develop new projects, our volunteers help us in all sorts of ways. Get in touch to find out how! 

Take Action

Raise money for us while getting fit, getting to know local people, having fun, or all three! 

In March 2019, five Buddhist women from our local community ran the Hackney Half Marathon, raising money to support GCP’s projects in Globe Town.

You can raise money to support your community through GCP in any way you like. 

Running for Charity
Meeting the GCP Committee and hearing about their projects, I was inspired to apply for places for this run and raise money!
— Jane